Week Sixteen

Dear Button,

So last week I was sick and it appears that I’d caught Sparky’s cold. This week, I couldn’t talk. For three days! Sparky thought it was funny. I didn’t. The doctor wasn’t that sympathetic either. She just told me to drink lemon and honey and keep rested. I did get three days off work though. Which I needed. I wasn’t convinced on the Monday that I’d need three days to recuperate but I was glad that I had them by Wednesday because being ill really knocked me for six.

You are:

  • Developing blood cells rapidly.
  • Playing with the umbilical cord (your first toy – cool huh?) although you have the ability to grab it so tightly that not enough oxygen will get through so try not to do that too often.
  • Inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid through your lungs (I’m am now having an Abyss moment – I will have to show you that movie one day).
  • Covered with a fine downy hair called lanugo which should fall out by birth which is good because you don’t want to look like Robin Williams.

I am:

  • Getting stretched ligaments on each side of my uterus and pelvic walls.

Apart from that, I’m not sure what it was but this week, it was really uncomfortable to lie on my side. Probably the ligament thing. My back is now much more comfortable. This is definitely a new thing because I often curl up on my side to rest. I would also often fall asleep in bed with my knees up against my chest but that is no longer an option. I still forget and try to curl up only to think oops, no, that’s not really very comfortable anymore and have been steadily lowering my knees in order to find that right position but this week, that included rolling onto my back more often. My belly is not that big yet but somehow you were pushing or pulling something that didn’t feel that nice so it wasn’t working. I know that this will change later if not sooner so we’ll wait and see how it goes.

I figure this is just part of being pregnant and I’m not that bothered but sometimes I wonder about Sparky. He has asked me at several different points over the last couple of weeks when I haven’t been comfortable if I want to go and see the OB about it. My reaction is pretty much “Why?!? What’s he going to do about it?”. I’m pretty sure his response is going to be a much more diplomatic and tactful version of “Duh, you’re pregnant”. I mean at the point that I am in pain or I’m bleeding or I’m seeing spots or feeling something that is more “wrong” than “slightly uncomfortable” then I should be seeking medical attention. Just in case. When I am at the stage that you are getting bigger and moving up from my pelvis, it is hardly surprising that I’m feeling a little discomfort where things are stretching that have never had to stretch before.

Alles Liebe,



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