You Don’t Want To Know What I Called You This Morning

Dear Husband,

I have a bone to pick with you. As you are painfully aware, I have been sick for a week. I say painfully because you have at several times pointed out how inconvenient it is for your personal enjoyment that I am sick. And tired. Sure, you were sick for at least the entire week before I got sick, during which time I was expected to offer sympathy and forbearance, but now the tables are turned and you’re not happy. Neither am I particularly because as I have pointed out to you, also on more than one occasion, I am pregnant and unable to take all of the supplements and cold and flu tablets that you can (and did). So I have to suck it up and wait it out. Something which, by the way, is made much easier (and faster) with SLEEP.

Now back to my main point. I was not very impressed when I realised this morning in the shower that you totally took me for a ride yesterday. Yesterday, when I was trying to sleep in because I was, for the third day in a row, really not well enough to be in and out of doors, on public transport and in the office for a full day. Yesterday, when you told me that I had to get up when you got up to take a shower because the puppy would hear the water running and need to be let out. Which is a complete load of bollocks! And if I was a fraction more awake than I was at the time then you so would have gotten an earful. I was totally robbed yesterday morning…

Dear Husband, normally I get up every weekday morning at least 20 minutes before you to take a shower. Fact 1. And I personally can’t remember one day in the last 5 months when you have gotten out of bed before I am finished to go see to the puppy. This degree of additional slumber may or may not be fact but you certainly do not jump out of bed as soon as I am up as a regular occurrence. Fact 2. So when I realised this morning that you made me (ok, you didn’t exactly strong arm me but you totally guilted me into it) get up and deprived me of a couple of extra minutes worth of sleep-in even though I am pregnant and sick, I was not happy Jan. That was just plain rude. The puppy can totally hold his bladder until we’re both up or he starts wimpering – whichever happens first. Fact 3 – also known as you’re totally busted!

Not always so loving yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at Feathertop Winery on our recent trip to Beechworth


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