Week Fifteen

Dear Button,

Well Sparky has definitely given me his cold this week which is really not fun because I can’t take anything for it! No cold and flu tablets, no Echinacea and probably no a hole heap of other things too. My immune system is currently in the process of falling over and flipping me the bird on the way down but I just have to wait it out and hope that it picks itself up and I get better soon. This is not one of the fun parts of being pregnant. I’m not sure that I’ve actually had any parts that I would really consider “fun” as yet but this part is not fun. Its not even neutral. Its like the opposite of fun. Whatever that is. It has however provided an opening at work to introduce you to those who didn’t know already. How are you? Well I’m sick at the moment. Are you taking anything? No, I can’t, I’m pregnant…more or less.

Since I’m not terribly good at keeping my own “secrets” (I can keep those of other people just fine but I always seem to want to share mine) and after everything that happened with the Nuchal scan, the two girls at work already knew that I was pregnant. None of the males (including both my bosses) were aware beforehand however so it was news to them. They were both really happy for me though which was great. A workplace that is supportive of children and families is not something that everyone in the workforce enjoys. There has now therefore been a whole lot of answering the same questions which is hardly surprising.

No, I haven’t really been sick at all. There was a week that I was queasy but apart from that I’ve been fine. Yes, I’m getting more tired recently. No, I haven’t had weird cravings for pickles and peanut butter…People are starting to ask me if I will be finding out your sex so I have told a couple of people that I actually already know and one person has asked me if you were planned. So just in case you were unsure, yes, yes you were. So planned and more or less on schedule and now…

You are:

  • Apparently suffering from the hiccups. You get to master this before breathing I hear. So my sympathies. They can be very annoying.
  • Able to sense light and pressure from outside the womb which means that I can totally try and annoy you by shining a flashlight at my stomach and pushing my belly around. Not that I would do that of course.

I am:

  • Still trucking. Fortunately without the slew of things that can still affect women in the 2nd trimester.

Alles Liebe,



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