Week Fourteen

Dear Button,

I’ve never been much of a drinker. Despite growing up around wine, as a teenager I came to wanting alcohol pretty late and even then, I drank for the taste and not the ability to get absolutely wasted. And since in the nightclubs I went to (if you didn’t drink beer) you either got crappy house wine or spirits, I used to drink Baileys or as I now refer to it, tart fuel. Whatever was sweet and not too sickly. Which is fine, but now my palate has expanded a little to encompass red wine and so too has my exposure to said wine. So much so that Sparky and I have started going away to some wineries every year and we even went to some new ones for Sparky’s birthday this weekend. Some very nice wineries where I would have been more than happy to partake of a tasting but I couldn’t because I was pregnant!

Not that I’m blaming you or anything. I’m just saying that this is one of the few occasions (and there have only been a few) that it would have been really nice to have a couple of glasses of wine without feeling guilty that I might be causing you brain damage or something. Which is why I didn’t actually drink this weekend. Just so as you know. I got to be designated driver instead and laugh at Sparky who drank more than enough for both of us. It was his birthday after all…

So yeah, we were away this weekend, in Melbourne. We went down to see some good friends of ours and it was great to get away even though I did get pretty tired. I’m not sure if it was the complete break in routine, being out and about for long periods of time or perhaps the lack of sleep that I was getting because Sparky spent a good couple of days snoring due to being sick but I was exhausted. I also have the sneaking suspicion that I may have caught the cold that Sparky has spent over a week trying to shake. Not much I can do about that however. Literally!

Apart from that, I just thought you might like to know that I really don’t fit into my pants now. Well, except the stretchy ones that is. I have been growing ever closer for a while but I finally had to cave and get one of those belly band things. Jeans are now pretty much out as are the majority of my work pants. I have previously spent a couple of afternoons with some buttons undone underneath long tops and jackets and now due to the belly band, I can actually come to work with my pants undone. An interesting experience. Especially since the band thing that I happened to buy was reasonably tight and has a tendency to ride up – taking the pants with it! I tell you that a wedgie is not really any more comfortable than a waistband cutting into your abdomen. I should be thankful though I guess cause I’m only going to get bigger and then I’m sure I’ll have a whole new set of wardrobe issues to deal with day to day. So…

You are:

  • Beginning primitive breathing motions apparently.
  • Quite possibly mastering the swallowing reflex because you’re probably sucking your thumb.
  • Weighing around 25-30g (which is a whole lot less than I have put on!)

I am:

  • In the possession of a placenta which has reached complete functional maturity (yay me) because it can actually act as your lungs, kidneys, liver, digestive and immune system. You know, just until you get that sorted yourself.

Oh, and we also know your sex now too. I was going to ask last week but I didn’t officially have permission from Sparky to know and I figured it was only right to get that first. I know there are a whole heap of people out there who believe that parents should try and keep this as a surprise for the birth but I’ve never been very big on surprises. I’m also figured that at this point, especially given the testing that I’d gone through, some lab technicians would have known what sex you were, my OB and midwife would have known what sex you were, before too long anyone performing ultrasounds would have known what sex you were and if that many people knew, I may as well know. My mother felt the same way. I think her words were well if you know, I should know too! I also think it makes it easier if people want to pass on clothes and such to us. This way I know if I have to steer clear of pink and dresses for example.

We have actually offered to keep the knowledge from those who would prefer not to know in advance though like your other grandmother and your great-grandmother. So of course Sparky and I are going to have to be really careful about personal pronouns (I have already let one slip to someone else) so we’ll see how that goes. Its certainly going to make some names conversations interesting. Clearly were are no longer all that concerned with identifying names we’d choose for one of the sexes because they won’t apply to you. For those that don’t want to know your sex now however we are going to have to phrase things carefully. Perhaps in terms of names that clearly have a male and a female version. Michael and Michaela, Gabriel and Gabriella…

Alles Liebe,



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