Week Eleven

Dear Button,

Well last week there was interesting news with the OB visit but this week you are doomed to disappointment if you were after something vastly entertaining. Basically because nothing much happened. You grew of course. And developed some more no doubt but I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t uncomfortable and I wasn’t anything else unusual or noteworthy. I don’t even remember being especially tired this week. I should therefore be counting my blessings I am sure. So I guess the update this week is as per the below.

You are:

  • The size of a small lemon or a large lime.
  • Apparently moving, dancing, kicking and hiccupping.

I am:

  • The same as last week really.

Which is also to say that I’m still malting all over the place.

My Pregnancy Misconception: One of the things you always hear about pregnant women (in addition to the fact that they are supposed to “glow” and have awesome nails that don’t break and chip all the time) is that they are supposed to have great hair that doesn’t fall out. Now I seem to have been blessed with good nails naturally so that’s neither here nor there and the glowing thing is not something I have noticed but neither is it something that I can say completely does not apply to me at present but in regards to my appearance, I have noticed the hair thing because is not happening…at the best of times, every time I wash my hair, I feel as though half of it falls out! Doesn’t matter what season it is, I seem to have enough hair for a barbie doll every week. I thought getting pregnant might end up fixing that for a season or two but apparently I was wrong. I have since been advised that first trimester is too soon to be enjoying this side effect. Bummer. I’m looking forward to that one.

Alles Liebe,



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