Week Ten

Dear Button,

So I added a couple of extra days into week 10 because today was the first visit with the OB. Today we saw you. And we heard you. I think this is what made you real for Sparky. I mean he knew of course before now. It wasn’t like he was totally bemused when we turned up at an obstetrician’s office and shocked when the midwife started asking me a lot of questions about periods and miscarriages and my current symptoms but still, I think you were a little more of an abstract idea until today. This was particularly obvious when we heard your heartbeat.

A lot of women I’m sure view this experience slightly differently. I can’t say that I was one of those emotional females that burst into tears or thought it was an earth moving experience. Sorry. The ultrasound was kind of cool but I think I was more amused by Sparky’s reaction to the whole proceeding. Basically because the overwhelming memory of the afternoon was that at this point, it was clear to me that I was having a baby and Sparky was having kittens. He had not prepared himself for this. And he wasn’t quite sure what to do about it now that it was here.

I suppose my first clue should have been when the OB said that there was just one of you. That you weren’t a twin or a triplet to which Sparky responded with a resounding “thank God!”. Then he seemed totally incredulous that I didn’t appear to be looking at the ultrasound monitor to watch what was going on. Which I wasn’t of course but that was because there was a big screen tv on the wall at the end of the bed which displayed the same thing. After we left the doctor’s office though, he also needed a little time to compose himself I think but I guess he really hasn’t had as much time as I have to get used to the sense of you.

Sure, today was also the first time that I saw you or heard you but I have been feeling things associated with you for weeks. I have felt queasy and tired and poochy in the stomach and whilst I have not had any wild aversions or cravings, I have definitely favoured the salty foods of late. I thought it was quite amusing when I was asking the midwife what I should and shouldn’t be eating. She said there were a few don’ts but on the whole it was about moderation. We all know that drinking 10 coffees in a day is not healthy (that’s ok – I don’t drink coffee) and likewise, too much Coke is not really a good idea (that’s ok – I don’t drink Coke either) but then she told me that I probably shouldn’t really overindulge in chocolate as well. Which if you’d told me before I got pregnant, I might have been disappointed but honestly, since I have been pregnant, I haven’t much felt like it. Easter didn’t even inspire me that much.

So yeah, since our OB visit:

You are:

  • Just over 4 cm long.
  • Apparently past the delicate and critical development period.

I am:

  • Only wearing my “fat pants”.

That was the other thing. Whilst at the doctor’s office he said since this was the first baby, I wouldn’t start to show, probably until the 2nd trimester. I was all like, that’s great, but I’m starting not to fit in my pants now and its really uncomfortable. Its amazing how much the bloat gets you! He was also telling me that I might be feeling a little more tired than normal. And I was thinking well that would probably explain why it now feels completely normal to go out on the weekend for a couple of hours and then come home and nap for a few more before dinner. Tired? Understatement!

Alles Liebe,



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