Month Thirty-Three

Dear Husband,

There was a mouse in our house this month! Actually, there were two mice but the second was a lot less of an event than the first. Now let me just say that despite having owned pet mice as a kid (which ended badly as I recall because they had babies which they then ate because we were trying to make them all more comfortable but ended up making them smell like us or something), I do not do well with mice. I think they are dirty rodents and I hate the idea that they might be chewing holes in my food packets. I hate even more the idea that they might be chewing holes in my clothes that have been left on the floor. I loathe the idea that they might breed and multiply and wreak havoc on the house. I imagine this may be slightly similar to what you feel as you seemed to have an equally strong reaction to the fact that there was a mouse in the house.

All of a sudden we were both looking for shoes and standing on the couches trying desperately to see the interloper and to not step on the floor in case the little bugger ran across our feet. The puppy just seemed concerned that the tension had just gone up astronomically in the room and we were acting weird. Which was compounded by the fact that we got out to vacuum cleaner to try and flush the vermin out. Now yes, in hindsight, the vacuum cleaner was not the best thing to use. It has been pointed out to us since that we could have opened up a whole new can of worms if we had been successful in that endeavour but all we ended up doing on the night was pushing the mouse from the kitchen/dining room to the lounge room anyway. Which was not an improvement.

So at ten to ten what proceeded was a trek to the neighbours to see if they had any mouse traps spare and the answer was none that they weren’t already using themselves. Then you went out to try and buy some, which on a Sunday night, was easier said than done. You tried Coles and Woolworths – which were shut, K-Mart at Stanhope Gardens – which was shut and finally ended up back in our own suburb at the 24 hour K-mart – which was as one would expect, open. You finally came home with mouse traps and rat kill packets which you got ready to distribute about the living areas. Then after I asked you to read the packet of the rat kill, you picked them all up because if the puppy got into either a packet or a mouse that had eaten a packet, there might not be a puppy at all.

We also realised at about this point that the only cheese we had in the house was the end of my father’s homemade 6 hour smoked cheddar. Beggars can’t be choosers however so in to the trap it went. On the plus side though, we did manage to catch the first unwanted guest in the first half an hour. But then the next challenge of how to get rid of it was also a problem. Since we were worried that having only trapped a foot, it might still escape and run away, I found a heavy bowl for you to cover it with and we could come up with ways to put it out of its misery. I’m all for being kind to dogs and cats etc but I’m not so liberal when it comes to a mouse in my house. You ended up with all the dirty work though and you were not taking it well. By the end, you were shaking and stuttering and completely wired. You drank the last of the vodka in the freezer in somewhat of a daze and it wasn’t until you had been sitting down for a good half hour afterwards that you started to relax enough that we could think about going to bed.

The next mouse was a lot more of a non-event thankfully. Since we had caught the one we had seen, it seemed only prudent to keep the traps out in case there were more and I think it was a day or two later that I happened to look down to where one of the traps had been left only to remark “there’s a mouse in there!”.

The rest of the month was rather less eventful. Truth be told, it was kind of like we were in a bit of a holding pattern because this month we knew for sure that I was pregnant but we didn’t know if it’d stick. I wasn’t feeling much like going out and doing things and we generally stuck close to home. We were just going with the flow and waiting on milestones. Past 6 weeks – definitely pregnant, past 8 weeks – over the period that we miscarried the last one, past 10 weeks – time for the first ultrasound. On the 30th. Since it seemed that I wasn’t having intense physical symptoms with this pregnancy any more than I was with the last, there was always a part of me that wondered if I would carry it through the month. I did though and then we finally got to see the OB who said that everything looked alright.

We got to see the first pictures and we also got to hear the heartbeat which was I think what finally made it real for you. You looked pretty amazed. Actually, I think you were amazed because you were looking at the OB’s monitor and you thought I wasn’t looking at anything at all when in fact I had a big screen tv on the wall at the end of the bed. You did seem pretty awestruck however that there was really a little person growing though and barring unforeseen and/or unfortunate circumstances, we were really going to parents by Christmas. As I like to tell people about that day, it was around this point that it was clear that I was having a baby and you were having kittens! You were kind of not quite together for a while there…When we went down to the café after the appointment you were feeling a bit more of the “oh ****” rather than “oh joy” emotion but I do know that you are happy. Scared, but happy. Which is kind of par for the course really.

So now it’s a wait till we’re out of the first trimester next month before we can start telling people. Officially. I may be particularly bad at keeping my trap shut about some things so I may have felt the need to let one or two people know what is going on “unofficially”. Although how one can be unofficially pregnant, I’m not sure. You either are or you’re not really. You can be not announcing or sharing actual information but at that point, you’re still actually pregnant. Except of course for people who are 1 or 2 weeks pregnant as there is really no such actual thing but don’t get me started on that…

Anyway, I think that’s all I have for this month. Although it probably doesn’t help that I wrote most of this not at the end of the month because I knew I was going to post later and backdate. I couldn’t have some people reading an announcement that we weren’t ready to tell them yet! That is all I have now though so onwards in this new adventure of ours.

Happily yours,

Your Loving Wife


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