Week Nine

Dear Button,

You are:

  • About the size of a grape, or maybe a cocktail olive.
  • In the possession of fingers and toes and eyelids and ears.
  • Becoming a little girl or boy with your own little external boy parts or girl parts except they won’t really be distinguishable for the next couple of weeks.

I am:

  • Now experiencing a uterus the size of grapefruit. Fun.
  • Still somewhat queasy.
  • Apparently pumping a whole heap of extra blood through my system to cope with you. Who knew.

Well this week there was nothing new to report. Except for maybe there was nothing much to report. This week the symptoms seemed to back right off which on one hand was quite a relief and on the other, did give me pause as to whether there was a bad reason for that. Since I miscarried last time at eight weeks, I was already past that point however there is obviously greater risk in the first trimester and so I was a little unsure.

The bloat was still there although I didn’t expect that this was something that could possibly go away overnight. There were also periodic bouts of…something. The indigestion/cramping/tight sensation that plagued me last week very occasionally reared its head but not really enough to remark upon if I wasn’t looking for it. I guess I’ll have to wait until next week when I see the obstetrician for the first time. Fingers crossed that its all ok. That means you too since you apparently have fingers now. What, they don’t bend like that? Come on, Sparky thinks you’re going to be a genius child fit only for the hallowed halls of Montessori or better yet, Steiner schools. This should be easy peasy.

Bis dann,



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