Pop Quiz

Dear Husband,

Pop Quiz.

1. You need to use the dryer for one of your business shirts because you can’t be bothered ironing it but the dryer is currently full. Do you:

a)      Give up on the dryer idea and quickly run an iron over your shirt instead.

b)      Remove the contents of the dryer into a laundry basket and run the dryer for only 1 shirt.

c)      Dump the clean contents of the dryer onto the dirty laundry floor and run the dryer for only 1 shirt.

2. You have just finished the carton of milk. Do you:

a)      Add milk to the shopping list.

b)      Rinse out the carton and place it in the recycling.

c)      Put the empty carton back in the fridge.

3. You need to clear the table for dinner and one of the items you pick up is the packet of dog treats. Do you:

a)      Place the dog treats in the designated dog box that is less than one metre from the table.

b)      Move the dog treats to the nearest surface that is above 4 1/2 feet (most likely on top of the fridge or the oven).

c)      Walk to the other end of the house and place the dog treats on a chair in the study.

Let me also say here that the object of this quiz is not to find the right answer or even the most appropriate because this is actually somewhat subjective and there could be several reasonable responses. No, in this case, the object is to find which of the three options is clearly the wrong answer or conversely if you prefer to look at it this way, what you actually did at the time.

As a hint for one of them, I’ll let you know that I am often finding little surprises in the fridge. Not the nice surprises like you bought me a chocolate mousse for dessert but the surprises like there is no more cake left because you ate the last piece without either telling me or offering to share, or there is now this empty drink container left behind so I’ll know that we need some more (like the absence of the drink container in the fridge in the first place wouldn’t be enough of a hint). You even like to leave me leftover containers that are empty bar a small number of capsicum pieces that you didn’t feel like eating. The bin is too good for these dregs that have now been heated and cooled twice. Its back in the fridge again in case some other sucker would like them. Or not.

Also, in relation to above, I had to laugh because I called you on one of them the other night. Or rather I said “Thanks for putting the clean washing on the dirty laundry floor where the dog could also get into it. That was a great help”. You had the grace to look a little sheepish at the time but then you said “I was going to go and put it in the bedroom but then I didn’t quite get to it”. To which my response was of course “No you weren’t!”. Seriously, the dryer is on top of the washing machine and you opened the door and pulled all of the contents out straight onto the floor. There was no time for a half effort in there and the on the floor at all bit was my problem. There were clothes baskets above the dryer so you could have put one of them on the floor first. You could also have bundled up an armful of towels and tshirts and walked to the dining room table (where they are now currently residing – I never said I kept a perfectly clean house) or to our bedroom where they could have been dumped on the bed, but no. I think the whole train of thought didn’t stop at your station that morning.

But I love you anyway because you put up with me when I point out the silly things that you do. All the time.

Lovingly yours

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at Feathertop Winery on our recent trip away


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