Month Thirty-Two

Dear Husband,

March was an expensive month. March is usually an expensive month for us, at least over the last couple of years it has been but perhaps this time it was a little worse than others. This time there was a little more cash going round that could be spent and spent it was. March is the month that we do our annual wine trip to Beechworth and this year we were both employed and we were not in the process of buying a house.

Like always, it was a great chance to get away from Sydney and just relax in a place where the pace of life is so much more relaxed than the one we live at home. We are usually blessed with great weather and we are always in the presence of great food. I don’t think either of us stopped eating throughout the whole weekend. Well, apart from sleeping and driving to the next place that we were going to experience more eating and drinking that is. We visited some old favourites amongst the wineries and some new ones but there were some that we missed due to lack of time. We did come back with over 20 bottles though which was more than I wanted and less than you wanted (apparently you were being restrained?) so we didn’t do too badly. We also have a few more bottles coming via my parents who could get to one of the wineries we missed.

The only thing that was a bit of a shame was that we couldn’t bring the puppy with us. Although perhaps that was a blessing in disguise because he is still a puppy despite his size and even though I’m sure he’d be happy not to go too far from us, he is really not so good with the command “stay”. In fact, I’m pretty sure this command translates to “pretend you can neither hear me nor see me and don’t be still for even a second”. Hopefully our lack of discipline with the dog does not mean that any potential children will be back chatting us in public at two years old – “you get in the stroller and stay put!” – or pulling a Houdini whenever they think we are not looking.

Anyway, we enjoyed a long weekend where we were responsible for just the two of us and the puppy got kennelled up at Hildydane. Unfortunately he seems to have somewhat of a pathological fear of anyone who is not you or me or the Neighbourette and her family. The Dane lady said he would hardly let anyone near him without acting all skittish so I guess we’ll have to work on that. We do try. You bring him out to coffee sometimes, he gets taken to parks where there are people and we even took him out to Wooffest this month. Which wasn’t as impressive as it sounded really. All it seemed to amount to was a small number of stalls, some selling things, some not, and a whole bunch of people with their dogs on leads. It was all in an enclosed area but due to the number of people and animals and the impeded line of sight that wouldn’t allow you to be embarrassed if your canine was harassing some other poor four legged friend, it seemed that nobody thought it was worth the hassle to let them loose. We were certainly no exception.

So we got to do a few things this month, some around town, some out of town, like the birthdays that flanked the month on either end. We started the month with a 1st birthday party and dedication in the mountains. The weather was quite horrible but it was great to see some friends that we hadn’t caught up with in a while. It was hardly surprising however that at a child’s birthday, apart from the one person that was single at the party (and childless), we were the only couple without kids. Given last month though, that didn’t sit too well with you. Which is fair enough really but you are like the one person I know that has thought I’m upset that we miscarried so I am going to surround myself with as many infants as possible. Because after we came home, I flaked out but you went and spent the evening with friends that have a newborn! The party at the end of the month was somewhat different.

We saw the month out with a 30th birthday for my cousin. My little baby cousin who can’t possibly be that old. I know she’s actually less than two months older than you and its not as though I haven’t spent time with her as an adult (we used to live with her not that long ago) but somehow, I still think a part of her is still my little 10-year-old cousin. Perhaps its because she’s always been slightly goofy. The party was a moustache party and as we walked in she was wearing a hot pink furry mo for the occasion. The rest of the party was a little more adult though with old friends and family – and considerably more alcohol. But now we have to start preparing for your 30th. I know big events aren’t your style but we have to do something now that you’re becoming an old man. Its only fair.


Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at an exhibition at Town Hall


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