Week Six





Dear Button the Second,

Welcome. You may think it shows a remarkable lack of feeling to start this journey at week six rather than at week one but I have decided that you would be wrong. This can be one of the first of many times that I am right – because I say so – and everyone else can just suck it up. Besides, as much as each child is an individual (and should I get to meet you, I’m sure I will communicate same), right now, well, you’re not really. At least not discernibly so. Sorry to burst your bubble baby. Sure, you’ll have your own DNA and all but in terms of your development to date, I can’t tell you that its any different from what is listed here, here, here, here and here. And neither is mine. Even this week is not much different from the last Week 6 but this time, its your week 6.

You are:

  • Now tripled or even quadrupled in size and are three or four entire millimetres long!
  • Working on growing a nose, some ears and a mouth.
  • Also growing flappy little legs and arm buds.
  • Enjoying a heartbeat that can be seen on an ultrasound – 100 to160 beats per minute. Work it baby.

I am:

  • Not looking very pregnant as you might expect.
  • Not really experiencing any crazy signs of “expecting”.

There is a little bit of:

Oh yeah, this: I am getting that slight weighty and tight feeling in my lower abdomen again. The one that’s kind of like cramps but not really. The one where I would really be more comfortable if it just went away completely but it is occasionally so vague and unassuming that I forget its there at all. I can still be the girl in the tampon commercial (even though there would be no point in me actually wearing one) that is happy and flirty and getting the most out of life. Which at this point is attending 30th birthday parties so there you go.

Oh, and I miss poop. Not much more needs to be said really. This didn’t hit me till week seven last time but its still a pain in the…well, it was a terrible pun anyway.

New to the table: Well nothing is really. But I kind of think that this is a good thing.

From now on I guess we shall have to see if this time is any different to the last. I am of course hopeful that the final outcome will be different on this occasion. So till next time little Button the Second, Button for short, be good and don’t upset your mother.

Alles Liebe,



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