Week Eight

Dear Button,

You are:

  • About the size of a gummy bear now or a kidney bean or you know, something that size.
  • Extremely jointy, with fingers and toes and elbows and knees. You can totally now do the Hokey Pokey!
  • Almost finished with the tail.

I am:

  • Moody?

Ok, can I just say holy crap I’m hungry. I had heard about this one before. One of my friends told me that she started taking two packed lunches to work for a while because she was going out of her mind with hunger on one. I wondered if it was really that bad. Now I believe her. I wake up hungry. That’s not so odd in the scheme of things I guess but I’m used to waiting an hour and a half for food. I have breakfast and then half an hour later I’m hungry. That’s a new one. I barely last till morning tea and then shortly after I’m hungry again. After I eat lunch, all I can think about is more food. I go through the snacks in my desk, I keep making chocolate milk drinks so I can put something in my stomach. And I’m STILL HUNGRY! After a big dinner, there’s nothing better than a big bowl of custard. I only did that once by the way but still. Hungry.

Apart from that, the only thing to add is apparently “feisty”. This is an objective observation rather than a personal feeling but apparently I have been displaying a somewhat more “to hell with it” attitude than I ever have previously. This could be because:

a)     This person knows me better now and I am being slightly more candid

b)     Sparky is being more annoying than usual (sorry honey, you know I love you to bits but sometimes we really do get on each other’s nerves)

c)     Pregnancy has lowered the I-should-keep-my-trap-shut floodgate and my inner fishwife is coming out

Just possibly it might be a combination of all three.

Bis dann,



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