Week Seven

Dear Button,

So this week I really am pregnant. I know you knew that last week but now I actually have blood test results that prove it. You probably think I’m a little weird but this actually made the wait to get the referral a little more bearable. I was not a happy camper whilst I was at the doctor’s office. The first time I was frustrated because she made me get blood tests before giving me the referral. Why is that necessary? Then the next time, I showed up at the surgery at 8am and they finally bothered to see me at 10am. They wouldn’t give me the blood test results in the mean time so I could go to another doctor and I wasn’t able to just pick up a pre-written referral. Grrr…

You are:

  • Growing, growing again and growing some more. By rights you should have started this week at 4 or 5mm long and reached an amazing half an inch by the end.
  • Now in the possession of a two-chambered heart, air passages in the lungs and cerebral hemispheres in the brains. So you could be smarter than me already.
  • Also in the possession of an appendix which is pretty amazing until you remember that its also somewhat redundant because we don’t use them anymore.

I am:

  • Missing the poop. Just so as you know.
  • Married to someone having empathetic symptoms (or perhaps that was someone taking over my symptoms?)

Anyway, there were a few new things to report this week. One night when I was cleaning my teeth my gums started to bleed slightly which I was given to understand could be a symptom but then they didn’t do it again so maybe thats a different problem. One thing I will say though is I miss regular poop. Not the sloppy stool that constantly seems to come from the puppy or whatever bowel movements that those in my acquaintance must currently make but that ability to go to the toilet as an adult and be done in under a minute. My ability to go to the toilet and be done in under a minute. I haven’t changed my diet or done anything unusual this week but lets just say the waste is not coming out as easily as the crap went in. That seems to be my main symptom though. Apparently Sparky got the rest of them.

Now I have heard of sympathetic pregnancies but this is a little ridiculous. Over the past week Sparky has taken to nanna napping like a champion. He wakes up tired. He goes to work and comes home exhausted. He peels off at 8:30 to go have a lie down. He’s not even 30. Then theres the fact that every time we walk in the front door, he always seems to be busting for the toilet. Or the fact that he’s been feeling a little nauseous of late. Or perhaps the aches and pains and bloating he seems to be experiencing. Not to mention the food cravings he has all of a sudden. The moody thing he had already but the rest of it? Seriously, its like everything I might have expected to go through myself, he has been feeling. I tell you what, if that is the case, he’s going to be an awesome husband to have if I’m eight months pregnant. I’ll probably feel like I could run a marathon.

Alles Liebe,



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