Week Six

Dear Button,

So I got jabbed again this week. All I wanted was a referral to an OB but instead I got sent away with a paper to show the pathology lady who stabbed me with a needle and took three whole vials of blood! I’m sure whatever they’re checking for is important, but still. I hate needles. On the plus side though, I was told that my blood just gushes out. At least the pathology lady thought that was a plus. I’m sure if I had an open vein I might not find it such a healthy state of being with my life seeping out of me at a rapid rate but then at the point that you have an open vein, you should probably be concerned even if you have non-gushy blood. Apart from that, there really wasn’t much to report this week other than the following:

You are:

  • Now tripled or even quadrupled in size and are three or four entire millimetres long!
  • Working on growing a nose, some ears and a mouth.
  • Also growing flappy little legs and arm buds.
  • Enjoying a heartbeat that can be seen on an ultrasound – 100 to160 beats per minute. Work it baby.

I am:

  • Not looking very pregnant as you might expect.
  • Not really experiencing any crazy signs of “expecting”.

As I mentioned, I still don’t look pregnant (which is hardly surprising). I still don’t feel pregnant (which probably makes me quite lucky) and quite frankly, occasionally I still wonder if I really am pregnant. I know the home tests were positive and I am aware that if in fact I wasn’t pregnant there would be a rather suspicious absence of that stuff that comes under “women’s business” but there you go. I keep looking for things that might be symptoms. I still wonder if I’m more tired than usual or if I really should have gone to bed before midnight the night before. I continue to ponder whether I smell things more intensely now or whether the dog just really needs a bath. Its hard to tell. The only thing that really seems to point towards pregnancy is a cramping feeling in my abdomen that comes and goes. And its not that stabbing sort of cramp which feels like you’re tearing something internally every time you take a step either. Not at all. Its more of a mild discomfort really.

I was asked other day if I would feel better were I was puking all over the place and experiencing some other symptom leaving me in extreme discomfort and I’m pretty sure the answer is no. That doesn’t sound like fun at all. There might be that little bit of me however which thinks “that is what you get for actually being pregnant”. I do know though that those sorts of symptoms are really the body’s way of freaking out that there is a foreign thing growing inside of you. So if you are one of those lucky women with little to no symptoms, that is like your body handling the invasion beautifully. It makes you like the valedictorian of being pregnant. It also makes me go hmm…really? Are you sure?

Alles Liebe,



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