Month Thirty

Dear Husband,

Thirty months! That sounds like a nice round sort of number to hit in January doesn’t it? Of course, that does mean that you are beginning the year on a “0” month rather than a “1” month but 30 feels like an accomplishment. In the grand scheme of things, I know that it is in fact a drop in the ocean. There are couples out there that have been married for that many years….twice over, but the fact that we made it this far still says something. Because it may only be two and a half years for a normal person but its like totally 5 times as long as the average Hollywood marriage, so there.

Despite finishing last year with little to no fanfare at all, we did at least start the new year with a party. We had a number of couples over for a BBQ dinner and we had heaps of food. Which wasn’t really the plan. You never want people to go hungry of course, its usually considered poor form to starve your guests, but after all the bad food that we ate over Christmas, it was just supposed to be some nibbles, meat and salad. We somehow ended up with chocolate, shortbread, chips and bread however, and that was after everyone had left. It was good spending the time with friends though and it was great to see one of our friends who was literally about 2-3 days away from giving birth. Never let pregnancy get in the way of a good party! Hopefully I have that much energy if I get to that point.

Then with the coming of the New Year, there was the inevitable return to work which brings with it the good and the…less than optimal. I was busy which was great but I was trying to coordinate the relocation of the office which was at times stressful. I got remarkably pissed at Telstra. So much so that I wrote a letter I had no intention of sending just to calm down. On the plus side though, it seems I made a big enough nuisance of myself because we had our phone lines up and running on day 1 in the new office. Getting out of the old office completely however will not be so easy. I am still trying to offload some furniture and get the place cleaned to the smarmy landlord’s satisfaction. I swear to God, that guy is a complete tool and no help whatsoever. We were even without air-conditioning for the last week in the office so it was 30+ degrees inside. I wrote another letter to him that I had no intention of sending as well…He still has the bank guarantee.

Your work as I understand it was less busy but just as frustrating at times. You never seem content to do the same thing for more than about 6 months so you are now looking for your next career move, albeit within the same company. You have decided that you would be happy to apprentice yourself more or less to someone else within management and upskill yourself to the degree that you would make a valid replacement in a number of years. You have it all worked out in your head regarding what you should study, where your time should be distributed and how it should all be worked out but your employer doesn’t seem to see it the same way. This of course means that you come home angry, disappointed and cranky which is a complete joy to deal with when I get home from work. I love getting picked up from the train station when you’re grumpy, it just makes my day.

To be fair though, your work is prepared to pay for your study, kit you out for the warehouse and let you spend time learning various bits and pieces but it wasn’t quite as you wanted. You thought they weren’t prepared to meet you halfway and that they weren’t taking you seriously. Playing devil’s advocate, I can see that they have an ambitious employee but one that has been permanent full-time for less than 6 months and proposing to do his current role part-time in favour of putting in part-time hours where none were yet deemed necessary. I do understand the argument that you have to make sacrifices for succession planning and that you are honestly prepared to commit to the training and repay their investment in you but some things take a little patience. But then again, maybe that’s why I’m not earning $80-$100,000 a year in some whizz-bang role. Maybe you are best pushing to get the best job opportunities and forging a new career path for yourself. I’ll be the first to admit that you’re pretty good at getting what you want from sales people.

So I really hope that it all works out for you. Despite a few hiccups here and there, they seem a really good company to work for and you couldn’t ask for a better location. You still enjoy the work as far as I know which certainly makes a difference and they’ve demonstrated that they’re prepared to invest in you. Now we see how it goes. And we see where this year will take us. Its already shaping up to be a big one. I can’t believe that the first month is over already.

In this adventure of marriage yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at last years Sculptures By The Sea


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