Week Two

Dear Button,

Since I wasn’t sure that week two was “week two” this is still an after the fact recap.

You were :
Still non-existent actually.

I was:
Taking prenatal vitamins (just in case).
* No longer on holidays or completely relaxed as I was back at work and thinking very nasty thoughts about Telstra.

So its technically possible that you were conceived right at the end of this week. Its also technically possible that it was our efforts not right that the end of that week resulted in you. We can’t claim that you were a one hit wonder  (ew, parents doing it, right?) and we weren’t trying for a boy either.

My Pregnancy Misconception: Maybe its because I have up until late last year had no particular interest in the finer points that I will soon discover a lot of these. Or maybe its because sex ed when I was growing up was pretty laughable. When I was in high school,  they spent an inordinate amount of time telling you how not to get pregnant and then went on to the broad stages of pregnancy which seemed pretty much for the benefit of those girls who couldn’t follow the instructions from the first segment. What they didn’t really touch on however was the process of getting pregnant. So for ages I thought you could get pregnant whenever. I thought it was a matter of no (or failed) contraception and you being lucky/unlucky (whichever way you happened to look at it). I thought it could happen at any stage in your cycle. I never realised that you really only have a relatively small window of less than a week that can result in pregnancy. And an even smaller window if you really want a boy.

Bis dann,



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