Week Four

Dear Button,

We’re nearly up to this week but the below was last week.

You were:
Implanted snugly in your new home for what will in eight months time no doubt seem like an eternity to me.
* Less than a millimetre long.
* Growing the very beginnings of your nervous system, hair, skin, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver, thyroid, skeleton, blood system, connective tissue, urogenital system and muscles. Apparently.

I was:
Almost as busy as you.
* Forgetful of the fact that I really ought to be more careful of what I was eating (just in case).
* Watching the neighbour get excited that I might be pregnant.
* Not experiencing sore boobs (apparently this is a common sign of pregnancy).
* Wondering if I was more tired than usual or smelling things a little more intensely.

Whilst there are a lot of women that can’t wait to find out if they are pregnant, I have been happy to take my time. Despite that, it did occur to me just how many people knew that Sparky and I were intending to or actively trying in January. One of the girls I work with, sure. Some friends we haven’t seen for ages, why not? Family, of course. The neighbours, well they would have known whether we chose to tell all and sundry or not cause we see them all the time. I’m not really bothered by the amount of people who know precisely but it did strike me that either no one will be surprised when we have something to announce or I may have a number of awkward questions in my future.

Alles Liebe,



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