The Washing

Dear Husband,

You know the argument that spouses often use with each other to get out of chores? The one where you say I didn’t do it because you always say I do it wrong then go and do it yourself anyway? Well apart from the fact that I think this often displays a distinct lack of initiative to learn, I have come to realise that sometimes it is best that some tasks are left to either one spouse or the other. Like hanging out my clothes.

I am my mother’s daughter. You knew that when you married me. So you also know that I am particular about some things. Like hanging out my washing. But I have reasons! Now I am prepared to admit that my current standards may well go to pot at the time that I have a whole lot less time up my sleeve but for now, indulge me.

I don’t have particular ways of hanging everything that goes through the washing but I do tend to be a little fussy about certain items. T-shirts for example.

T-shirts: I hang these inside out, front of the shirt folded over the line at the chest and pegged at both edges. Why?

1) I put them on the line inside out because we live in Australia and if t-shirts are continuously left on the line all day, the sun bleaches them.
2) I put the front of the tshirt over the line because we live in Australia and if the t-shirts are placed the other way continually, you get a little sun bleached spot at the neck on the back of the shirt.
3) I fold the shirt at the chest to help keep the shape and stop stretching since this is a more even distribution of wet weight allowing for my next point which is:
4) I peg the t-shirts at the armpits so if the pegs do leave marks, you don’t see them when the t-shirt is worn.

Now this morning when you pegged your t-shirt right side out, front side up and from the bottom with a peg at each edge whilst the t-shirt was actually folded on an angle you were clearly doing it “wrong”. I will not categorically say that you would have bleached a pale line on the front of your shirt. The sunbleaching is always worse at the part folding over the line which is exposed to the sun no matter where it is in the sky – unless the line is in shade but this usually takes time. I will say however that the next time you wore that shirt, there would probably be strange points where the fabric had stretched right near where the pegs were so it might look a little funny.

Now if you really don’t care how your t-shirts look then that’s fine but right now, I still care about mine. So please don’t look at me like I’ve grown a second head when I try and explain why I do what I do to you. There is after all some method in my madness. Its not as if I’m asking you to match and colour code the pegs to certain items of clothes (sorry mum – I didn’t inherit that one). Its also not as if I asked you to take over hanging out the washing on a permanent basis. I totally applaud you coming to help out on your own this morning and I thank you for making the effort. I’m just kind of fussy about my t-shirts.

Fussily Yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at Sculptures By The Sea ’11


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