Navel-gazing Five

Dear (hypothetical) Button,

Some random thoughts that have occurred to me this week:

  • If I happen to be up the duff, you would most likely be born sometime round September / October. Which is a perfectly reasonable time of year because I have been forewarned that you do not want to get to forty weeks in either the hottest part of the year or the coldest.
  • If you were to arrive around September / October, you would however be arriving shortly before my birthday which would mean I’ve already had my last birthday for a while where large amounts of freedom are involved. Sad. I am also likely to think that the best present on earth would be more sleep. Which may or may not be easy for Sparky to accommodate.
  • If you were to arrive on or after September 23rd, you would be a Libran like me which would mean another analytical thinker in the house. This would also mean two against one (Gemini can’t count as two) or you and me against Sparky and the dog.
  • People say that when you are pregnant, smells become much more intense and I am smelling the dog much more now than I previously did. I have been wondering whether this is because he badly needs a bath (highly probable) or whether my sense of small has improved (somewhat likely).

 And random thoughts that Sparky apparently had:

  • What if you are allergic to dogs? (This will not happen by the way because you would be so exposed in utero that you would be born best buddies with Reuben).
  • What if I am a crappy dad? (This will not happen either because the “crappy dad” title has already been taken by another bloggers husband and Sparky currently has vastly more experience with children than I do and I’m not worried.)

Just thought you’d like to know.

Bis dann,


* I would credit the image if I had the faintest idea of who owned it.


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