Navel-gazing Two

Dear (hypothetical) Button,

Should I call you a hypothetical button still? I’m not sure. It is now technically possible that you might be an actual button but I have yet to receive any indication that this is indeed the case. I am apparently however doing all the right things (apart from the obvious that is). I have been hanging out with pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and as it so happens, a brand new mother as well. I am not actually doing this on purpose mind you. Or rather not for the purposes of becoming pregnant, but there you go.

Other than that, my education is growing slowly. Which can only be a good thing I suppose. I’m not sure whether its embarrassing to admit but I had never paid much attention to the whole process before. I just assumed that you stopped taking precautions for actions which would then result, at some random time, in someone else. Apparently it’s a little more complicated than that. There are temperatures and cycles and mucus and all sorts of other stuff that is involved. At which point I kind of switched off…I did say my education was going slowly. I have managed to figure out however that there is actually a “window of opportunity” every couple of weeks which Sparky and I have thrown ourselves into to see what comes out. This was of course before Sparky met someone who was less than 48 hours old.

I have known for a while of course that tiny people scare him. Little people are all fine. Once you can hold up your own neck, its all good. Before that however, I think he’s convinced that he would be up for breakages. Me on the other hand, I’m pretty sure you can all bounce. So which parent do you want now huh? Just kidding. About the bouncing thing. I know you don’t actually bounce and I’m pretty comfortable I won’t break a tiny person by anything I’d do to them. I am somewhat concerned that I might cause an issue by something I didn’t do but I hear every mother goes through that. Great, paranoia here we come. Or not. This subject is still to be determined of course. In the mean time, it is slightly unnerving to think that whilst you are not an actuality, you are now slightly more of a probability than a possibility if you know what I mean.

Bis dann,


* I would credit the image if I had the faintest idea of who owns it.


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