Dear Husband,

Why is it that you assume that I might make a decision based on what would arguably be called sound judgement but then change my mind at the last minute? Do you think me that fickle? Or changeable? Do you think that I often don’t fully think things through? Being a somewhat typical Libran, I think there are some people who believe that I think things through too much…

I ask you this question because this morning , right before your last day of work for the year, you decided to buy a padlock for our garden gate. Your security warning beacon has risen again. Now I was actually half asleep at the time but even so, my brain could still immediately lock into the fact that without proper attention on my part, my husband might be about to make my life difficult. I therefore considered and asked you to get a combination lock.

I made my preference for a combination lock known because, Dear Husband, you misplace things. I don’t mean to offend. This is merely a statement of fact. Due to this propensity however, small keys are somewhat dangerous. I have also found myself locked out of a previous garage before because you had the only key with you at work and I don’t fancy being in that situation again either. I think it is important that I am always able to unlock the gate in case of emergency. There is also the distinct possibility that we may need the neighbours to do this for us at some time in the future so a combination seemed a good idea. Easy.

So you head out to shop for a padlock (those 24 hour Kmarts are good for something) and half an hour later you sms me.

You:      Locks are 6 keyed and 12 combination
Me:        Well 6 can be a birthday
(I think I was still a little asleep but I figured you couldn’t possibly be talking about buying a keyed lock when I had asked for a combination one so your sms must reference the number for the lock)
You:      No no, $6 and $12-15…Not combo lengths
Me:        So not clear from your sms. So are you asking me anything or just saying?
(I get a little testy when you ramble and don’t get to the point – sorry)
You:       Asking if you still want a combination
Me:        Sure. I specifically mentioned before you left that I wanted a combination. Do I assume you think there’s only room for 1 brain in the house & its yours if home?
Me (again): Funnily enough…still want a combination…
(I get very testy when I think you’re wasting my time with silly questions – not quite as sorry)
You:       Fair enough. See you soon.

So yeah, a bit curious as to why you didn’t think I was serious in wanting the combination lock the first time around but we got there in the end. Now we have to hope that we all remember the combination.

Always yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at Sculptures By The Sea


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