Good Night

Dear Husband,
I cannot believe that you made me get out of bed last night to put the puppy to sleep. Ok, ok, calm down. Let me now set the record straight that I know full well that you didn’t make me. You didn’t grab me by the hair and haul me out of our bedroom or try and tip the mattress up sufficiently that I would roll on to the floor but you did that passive aggressive crap saying that if I was asleep or I really didn’t want to then I didn’t have to but you’d appreciate it if I made the effort. So basically, you made me.
And now I am on the other side of a horrendous night where I couldn’t get comfortable and didn’t sleep for hours and I’m thinking what the hell? I went to bed early last night because I was sick. Not sick and tired (of things in general or something in particular), just sick. I’d been sniffing and sneezing the whole day and my body was tired so I went to lie down in the peace and quiet, away from the blaring television. Then you come in and make out like I’ve been unfair and left you the short end of the stick.
You seemed upset that I might be leaving you the job of putting the puppy down on your own. Something that I have done plenty of times on my own. This was of course at the same time as you seemed to be laying on a separate guilt trip to make me feel bad should I chose not to be there to say goodnight to him as a member of our family. Seriously! You made it quite clear you weren’t happy. I don’t think I’ve heard such derision aimed at me since I was in London with an English friend and I said I didn’t want to wait in a line to see the crown jewels. She was most offended!
I was offended last night too. You’re no picnic when you get really ill. You just shut down and I make allowances. I try to ignore when you get snippy with me. I don’t harp on about you doing nothing in the house all day if you are home sick. I have also let you go to bed early before whilst I stay up with the dog so we can keep him in a routine that hopefully keeps him from chewing more of our kitchen tiles. But you? Could you do the same for me and let me rest? No. I had to get out of bed so I could pat the puppy and say goodnight. For you. Let me just say Not Happy Jan.
Disgruntled but yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at antique store on our last trip to Beechworth

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