Month Twenty-Eight

Dear Husband,
I just thought I’d say that I’m kind of liking what the puppy is doing for my photography recently. Or rather, what he is doing for you for my photography. Because despite the fact that the puppy is an absolutely abysmal model who won’t stand still or look at me for more than two seconds straight unless I’m offering food, he is a very good distraction for you when I go off into image land. This year at Sculptures By The Sea you finally had a friend who stuck by your side the whole time and didn’t wander off seeming vague or distracted. This time you actually had various people approaching you because they wanted to know your dog. Which in a way does not sound very flattering I guess. However, Dear Husband, just so as you know, I know very well that you in fact like showing off your dog. So it seemed that everyone was happy. The puppy may have been a little overwhelmed as well but he didn’t appear to actually be disturbed by the number of people who thought he was awesome. Which he is. In addition to being a sook.
Towards the end of this month, you went away with work for a couple of days. I don’t think the puppy was impressed. The car rides to the station stopped, the wrestle time with you stopped and the days alone got longer. He was fine of course but he was clearly that much more excited to have me home and play by the third day that I knew he’d been missing his usual playmate. A feeling that I believe was reciprocated on the other end. It was quite clear early on that this trip which would require three whole nights away from your bed, your wife and your dog was not your idea of a good time. I think you were kind of happy that the company wanted to invest in you this way however you were bemoaning the downside long before you actually went away and I think you were wallowing in it whilst you were gone as well. I on the other hand was really excited. I was absolutely thrilled to have the time to myself in the house. I love you dearly and I enjoy spending time with you but sometimes, I just crave the girl time. Sorry.
As for the rest of the month, well…as you know, it was wet. Not for the whole month naturally. There actually were a small number of lovely days in there and some that were just plain hot and humid but there was also that 10 days or so of rain that were really not much fun at all. You were miserable because the days were grey and the people less friendly, the puppy was frustrated because he had too much nervous energy banked up and not enough dry space to play in and I wasn’t that happy either because in that sort of weather I love to curl up to a dvd or with a book (something you never seem to want to do when its foul out as you have too much nervous energy as well and being still for over an hour is somehow akin to Chinese water torture). So the monotonous rain wasn’t good. Especially as it seemed to be making the leak in the roof worse.
It wasn’t too long ago now that I noticed the discolouration in the ceiling which was evidence of water damage in our roof cavity. I am very grateful that water wasn’t dripping onto the floor or running down the walls or anything like that but there was an obvious issue. Which apparently was a slightly botched DIY job according to the roofer. You arranged to have someone come out to the house and he told us that there was a nail where it shouldn’t have been which was an easy fix and that this was what had been causing our main problem. Of course he also told us that he would be happy to relieve us of over a grand to fix up a few other things on our roof that could become problems in the future but you take the good with the bad I guess. At least it shouldn’t cost us more than that.
For the remainder of the month, everything was fairly quiet. Well, apart from dog sitting the neighbours’ furry friend. The initial idea of course was to have the two dogs in the yard all day and in the laundry and kitchen at night. Which may have worked if the second baby gate hadn’t turned out to be broken. A fact that we didn’t find out till we (meaning you – yes, I am aware that you ended up with the hard work in this instance) swapped the kitchen one to the laundry and tried to put the new one up in the kitchen walkway. There was no way we could keep the dogs together at night however (and expect to get any sleep whatsoever) so we put our baby gate back in our kitchen walkway and dropped Molly back to her own kitchen when we were heading to bed. We also let her stay in her own yard during the day because not only is she a much littler dog than ours, she is also a digger and there are a few spots on our fence line that an industrious mutt could overcome I am sure in a couple of hours. And we both preferred not to be responsible for losing someone else’s dog. Do not think it escaped my attention however Dear Husband that whilst I took Molly walking each day, you didn’t do the same for Reuben.
Other than that this month we had an 80th and Tailor Man’s Christmas party at which I was definitely not as drink as you thunk I was! Or at least that was what I was telling you that night. There was some disagreement the following day about the level of my intoxication. I swear I could still string a coherent sentence and move in a straight line under my own steam by the end of the party but apparently you had a different opinion. That didn’t change the fact however that despite drinking less that I did, you still came out slightly worse off with a hangover that lasted most of the day. I was ok by mid morning. Not that I’m rubbing it in or anything. The 80th was of course a little more sedate. It was a lunch for your Grandmother on your dad’s side which a very large proportion of that side of the family attended. Not much alcohol was consumed at the event and I met a number of new people who were all lovely. We even had your aunt, uncle and cousin back to ours for dinner as well.
And now we’re heading into December. Work Christmas parties, family Christmases, gift shopping and all those other wonderful things that may or may not be better with hindsight. I think I’m referring to the gift shopping here because that’s usually fraught with potential pitfalls for us but I’m sure we’ll manage. So here’s to the last month in another eventful year.
Festively yours,
Your Loving Wife
* Photo taken at either New Years or Skyfire – can’t remember which at the moment

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