Things we have learned: We bought a house from people who "might" have made questionable home improvements

Dear Husband,
It is to be expected I suppose that with a 50 year old house you are going to get some issues but I think we had hoped we wouldn’t encounter them quite so soon. Like the problem this month with the toilets backing up. This wasn’t actually a catastrophe like when the shit hits the fan because after all, the poo only rose to the surface. Sorry, toilet humour, I know. But it was a dilemma which led to an expensive couple of meetings with the plumber. We probably got off lightly since we feared that we had a whole collapsed pipe under the driveway but in the end we seem to have resolved things for the next 6-12 months by replacing a small section of the pipe and having the roots cleared out of the system.
Now this type of issue can easily happen to houses like ours and is not particularly uncommon, however, since the plumber also found that we had a rather conspicuous hole between the garage and the house that had previously been disguised by a recycling box, I am inclined to believe that the former owners knew of the plumbing issues and were doing some home maintenance themselves. I think this is also supported by the fact that when we (meaning you and a friend) dug up the front yard (or rather a portion at the top of the driveway) to save us paying the plumber to do it (I think your slave labour was totally worth $700), we found more evidence of amateur plumbing.
So its not as though we can do anything about the contract of sale now or even that we know for sure that there was anything dodgy on the part of the previous owners but it is convenient to blame them. Is that wrong?
Ponderingly yours,
Your Loving Wife
* Photo taken at the Firewater Festival in Sydney

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