Month Twenty-Four

Dear Husband,

I got to do my happy dance this previous month. Not only because we have now lasted through two years of marriage and are still together but also because you got a job. It wasn’t the job you were perhaps expecting to get at the end of last month but I do believe you are now better off all round. And maybe it is in fact a good omen that your situation has slightly mirrored mine from all those months ago. I remember when I assumed that an official offer on paper was a mere formality rather than just a possibility and I waited for what turned out to be a big fat nothing. I went on to get a great job though so I’m hoping that this new role is the same for you. It is ridiculously close to home which is definitely a big plus.
So that was a positive for this month but as in any marriage I am sure, there are always those things that are there to give you balance. This is of course a more polite way of saying there are times which are completely crap. And there were a few of those this month too so in the weeks leading up to our 2nd anniversary, I have come to reflect on our journey as a whole to date in addition to the previous month. Now there are always lessons to be learned from life (and of course hindsight which tells you that you could have done it better in the first place) but just so as we’re on the same page, I thought I might share with you some of my conclusions regarding things that I think we have learned. Of course, to elaborate on them all would make for an exceptionally long letter so I thought I would list them here and expand on them later except for the last one which is fitting for today.
Things I think we have learned in two years of marriage:
Even when things go wrong, they turn out in the end
I think this one is true on so many levels for us whether it’s regarding the small things like leaving your wallet on the bus and having the car battery die or regarding the bigger things like ending up in hospital for three weeks with a headache and losing your job. Somehow we land on our feet and things don’t turn out so bad after all. I know you worry constantly about when the next shoe is going to drop but I hope that this doesn’t stop you from enjoying what we have. I hope you can see that even though you can’t always have everything just the way you want it, that doesn’t mean that what you have isn’t any good.
A timely reminder for this was in fact our actual anniversary where, yet again, somewhat inauspicious events led up to a great day all round. You started the day by cutting your forehead open whilst doing some backyard renovations. You didn’t end up with a black eye which would have been talking point on Monday morning but I know that the mild concussion really hurt and was bleeding slightly. Later, when we eventually got to lunch, it started to rain cats and dogs outside whilst inside the Lord Nelson (a pub which brews their own beer), the one thing you really wanted to try was temporarily off the menu. And then they incinerated your burger bun. These unfortunate events were only compounded I think by the fact that prior to us heading out the door for a romantic dinner, you sat down on the ottoman and split your pants! You didn’t give up though and by the time we got to the main course, you were practically having a little love affair in the corner with your spatchcock. And that’s not meant to be as dirty as it sounds!
They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and whilst I think that is not the only way, it would definitely hold true for you. A good meal for you is well worth its weight in gold and this one was sufficient for you to ask after the chef. You told me how amazing the dish was about seven times while you were eating it and you were clearly in bliss. And since the good food was topped of with some fantastic wine, right then, you couldn’t get any higher than cloud nine without being indecent. So once again we have had a great meal at a Tapas and Wine bar for our anniversary which is perhaps setting a dangerous precedent but clearly, just when you think things are looking down, the sun comes out again and you get hot. Although according to you dear (biased) husband, I already am hot but that’s another story.
Happy Anniversary,
Your Loving Wife
* Photo of the place we had our anniversary dinner.

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