Did You Get…

Dear Husband,
Every now and then, you tend to perform what I have now come to see as one of your recurring features. It is unfortunately not a redeeming feature because it does happen to tick me off me somewhat – especially on my off days – but it causes no harm and is indeed easy enough to live with on an ongoing basis. It gets worse when you’re not working of course but its not something that I think will ever change (and nor am I expecting it to if I am honest) and I can cope with that. I must say though, for someone who has frequently professed to always think before they speak, I really wonder if you do sometimes.
It seems that you have this bizarre proclivity to ask me if I have received something. Specifically, did I get your text, did I get your email, did I get your skype message and the like. Now this isn’t such a strange question and would seem completely logical except for the fact that you’re you. You’re the type of person that sends me random emails at work with deals that you have found in your inbox, about things that have been offered for free on gumtree or containing profiles of puppies for sale etc. You are the kind of guy that asks me whether I feel ok because you are feeling sick or what I want for dinner which I tend to view as queries not requiring an immediate answer (even if I have one) because you’re not going to do anything with the information before I see you or speak with you over the phone.
So it would seem that these are perfectly normal questions from you as I don’t respond to every single thing you send me in a day (I kinda figure that at work, I’m being paid to do precisely that and not to engage in my social life) but that’s all you give me. Did you get my email?…Which email? The one about pet rescue? The one about the living social deal? One of the other seven emails I received today from you? If you only sent me one email today then I could definitely narrow it down or identify that I had not received something that I should have received but I need more information here. Especially as you’ve just reminded me I received umpteen messages from you the whole way through the day for things that I really think could have waited till I wasn’t working. A time or a subject or some other identifying factor here would be really great. I’m just saying…
Constructively yours,
Your Loving Wife
* Photo taken of fireworks some time last year…at least I think it was last year.

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