Month Eighteen

Dear Husband,
So sue me, I cheated this month. Not on you of course! Never that – just to make that perfectly clear at the outset and all. I only cheated on the letter. You see I never wrote anything down in January and I never wrote anything down in February either so when I eventually sat down to figure out something to write for this month, I didn’t have a clue what to say. The date of the posting is not really the date I wrote this at all…
And theres no excuse really because its not like January was even that busy. There was a return to work after the days off where we ate too much food and did not enough exercise (the extent of which I realised when I went back to the gym and was sore for a couple of days!). There was also the ease into the new year and the gathering of some momentum in regards to the things I wanted to accomplish in 2011 but apart from that, I draw a blank.
I remember a few of the things we did in January. I remember that early in the month, we went to a naming day for a friend at which I was being the official photographer. I was slightly stressed that day about getting good shots as posed family photos for at least five different sets of people were required. You helped keep me grounded though in addition to setting up the backdrop and keeping things running smoothly. You’re very good at that. You also helped two weeks later when we took some outdoor family portraits for a couple with an infant. You were carrying on behind me in order to make the little girl smile which worked marvellously as we got some awesome photos on the day.
I remember that in the middle of the month we took a trip up to the mountains so I could attend a baby shower for one of our friends whilst you went to do some man-bonding with all the left over blokes. This was a good day. I got to catch up with some girls that I hadn’t seen in a while but then I remember that I started feeling a little light-headed towards the end of the day and I was looking forward to chilling out on the way home until you came back to say “you’re right to drive home aren’t you? I’ve had a few drinks”. That irritated me as I recall. I suppose I should have figured that you would drink (and therefore I would have to drive) but I am so used to you asking me if its ok first and since we were there because I was invited and generically you like to drive up to the mountains, I assumed you’d be ok to drive home. And then you weren’t. Sigh.
The last thing I remember was that at the very end of the month, we went down to Canberra to be models for my sister’s mock wedding shoot. We got all dolled up in our wedding clothes again and got made over so we could pretend to be newlyweds for a couple of photographers. I now know why I never wanted to get married in summer. Holy crap was it hot! It was great to get a couple of really nice photos taken of us (and it was lovely to know that I actually still fit into my wedding dress) but I was practically dripping by sunset. Everything was sticking to me. The dress to my legs, my hair to my back. Even my fake eyelashes were sticking together. How very attractive. At least I got some wear out of the dress and shoes again though.
And that’s all I can remember really.
Forgetfully yours,
Your Loving Wife
* Photo taken at Mirozozo.