Month Sixteen

Dear Husband,
This was a month in which work was very much on our minds but for you I think, whilst the personal work was going really well, the business work has not been going so well at all. Despite the fact that you assure me that you don’t come home and unload everything on me that you might wish, I have known that you have been struggling not insignificantly for a while now. I have heard all about the loud mouth you sit next to at work who would seem to have a pretty good shot at the title of dumbest person on the planet, if not the most obnoxious. I have heard all about the apparent values of truth, equality and honestly which are expected from the staff as a whole but do not appear to be practiced by the management themselves and I have heard how communication tends to go one way – them to you.
God forbid you should ask them why they have done something. They would have to go out and employ a team of contractors to do an independent study that would then need to be filtered through upper management to determine its appropriateness for wider dissemination amongst the general staff! Don’t you know that this sort of thing is very expensive and quite probably a waste of quality resources that could be spent propelling the company into a brighter and stronger future? Shame on you for entertaining such a selfish thought. You are either for the company or against them and if you are going to spout anti-establishment rhetoric and attempt to rally the crew into a mutiny for personal gain (which is not really a possibility because clearly you’re not one of “them” so why would they give you the time of day) then you had best have a hard think about why you are making them put up with you and when you come to the right conclusion, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
At least that’s the impression you’ve given me.
It has become obvious that they are not really a fan of questions as evidenced by the number of different stories you are told by people from whom you are seeking answers. Everyone has something different to say. And when one person finds you have been speaking to another, they seem to take it as personally offensive, as if they are not good enough for you, which, if you can’t completely trust them, I guess they’re not. They claim to care for the individual yet blithely assume that fairness need only take into consideration the elements that suit them at the time. You have the same number of calls to make as your team members but work fewer hours than each of them by executive order of the temp agency. Whats unfair about that? Statistically some of the team members are not pulling their weight but the rest of the team is required to stay back and pick up the slack regularly. How could you possibly complain? You came into work earlier than everyone else because you needed to leave on time but have been asked to stay working until the last person has finished their work. What makes you think that you ought to get special treatment? You should feel privileged to be expected to do more work than everyone else in the team! Go team.
I’m sure the above is only one part of the picture but I know that it frustrates you greatly because when your day-to-day experience of a company is how many ways can they contradict themselves, it doesn’t instil a lot of confidence or imbue a high level of respect going forward. Which is a shame cause you actually like what you do. At least you come home and tell me about your clients with whom you get along like a house on fire and its clear that you have been able to pick up this job with ease. I believe you have also gained the respect of employees not in your actual team but these things apparently play second fiddle to the popularity contest (or hotbed of incestuous brownnosing) that is your workplace. I don’t know how this will all play out but I really hope that it gets better.
As for our little photography business, we seem to be doing ok. We had a paid commission this month and it seems we’ll have referrals from it as well which is nice. The website has gone in leaps and bounds since you set it up and worked out how to get all the email addresses and orders working properly. I know I have thanked you for all the hours you’ve spent swearing to yourself and stuffing around on the computer but I just want to say again that I do appreciate it. I’m still not sure that I want to turn this into anything more than a hobby business as it might stop me enjoying actually taking photos but it has been great to have the website to show people.
Appreciatively yours,
Your Loving Wife
* Photo taken at Sculptures By The Sea at Bondi.

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