Month Fourteen

Dear Husband,
This was a month for affirmative action. At least in terms of our health. I have no idea whether we will stick to it or whether in the long run it will really be worth it but I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym. And then I roped you into it as well.
Like most married couples I guess, we slimmed down before the wedding (I by walking and you by sheer angst I think – forget dieting, you worried yourself thin!) and then afterwards we relaxed and just, as that delightful phrase puts it, “let ourselves go”. Its not like we were actually on a diet before but after all the crap that hit the proverbial fan after we were wed, our diet was progressively being made up of far more comfort foods than those offering actual nutritional value and neither of us were looking quite as trim as we had previously. That’s quite a diplomatic way of putting it isn’t it? Sounds a whole lot better than the love handles and thunder thighs seemed to be multiplying exponentially. Which they probably weren’t. Exponentially that is. That might be a bit of an exaggeration but still, it had been bugging me for a while that we were not what you could consider healthy and that was affecting other parts of our lives.
Both of us tend to lose motivation and self confidence when we are not on top of things. Your sleep patterns get more disrupted, I get more moody so then everyone’s unhappy and everything just gets worse. It was seriously a little scary when you ended up in hospital and you’d think that might have been a catalyst at the time for us to try and get into shape, especially as it was something that the doctors recommended for you but no. We went on as we had done before, ignoring what would actually have taken effort at the time. More and more though, we are around friends who are starting families and rather than making me super clucky as it seems to have done for you, I have been struck by the conviction that I do not want you to be the sort of dad who gets puffed out chasing a 2 year old. Nor do I want to get myself to the point where people start to wonder if I’m joining the baby bandwagon because I now have a bit of a belly. I don’t think I have any excuse at the moment for being lazy and not healthier than I am so I decided that enough was enough and I was joining the gym (and hoping that the ridiculous membership expense would actually make me use it).
I am also hoping that if I can actually maintain some sort of attendance level at the gym then you will at least feel a little guilted into going along as well. Maybe that’s a little unfair though because I didn’t make you join and you do actually want to get fit. On the other hand however, I think we both know that at least in the beginning stages, left to your own devices you will not motivate yourself to work out at all. You don’t like to be the one not contributing or doing their bit overall but you are rarely the person who starts the ball rolling. I sometimes find this hard because frequently I could use a little help to nudge me over the line. On my own, I would probably work out regularly either by going for a walk or doing a dvd at home but as soon as you come home and sit on the couch with the macbook on your lap, its all over grover. There is no way I’m motivated enough to put routine off and get you out of the way so I can jiggle with a little dignity in my own living room where I feel rather stupid jumping about.
Anyway, joined the gym we did and gone to punish ourselves we have. You even have gone as far as taking supplements both beforehand and afterwards which is impressive. Sure, there was a little hiccup at the beginning where we discovered the hard way that workout boosters with stupid amounts of caffeine are not the way to go for you at all. You get all together too excited shall we say and when your caffeine ingestion affects my sleep, I am not a happy camper. But you have since found something more natural which seems to suit the purpose and it hasn’t turned you into an obnoxious gym junkie with Invisible Lat Syndrome so I’m happy. Hopefully that’s the way we will both now stay. You know, in a perfect world and all.
Somewhat athletically yours,
Your Loving Wife
* Photo taken for a photo competition that I realy did mean to enter.

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