What To Expect Your First Year – Part Three

Dear Husband,
Since you should it is said “start as you mean to go on”, you should then of course actually go on as it were so I thought I would elaborate on some of month three’s concerns. These were not sleeping through the night, sharing a room, sharing a bed and roughhousing. Taken slightly out of context, they look kind of interesting together. Or perhaps that was suggestive and to a certain extent, if you’d merely raised an eyebrow at me I’d know exactly what you mean so you may have a point. But once again these things struck me as subjects that I have considered previously.
Like the sleeping through the night thing. Basically because you didn’t regularly do it. Or rather I would consider that there was an above average occurrence of you not doing it. Everyone has nights when they wake up for no reason and I have had a couple of nightmares in my time sure, but that is more like a small number in my lifetime, or maybe in the last decade. Not the last fortnight. You are a lot better now than you were then though (either that or I sleep a lot deeper) because its not often anymore that I wake to you tossing around in bed and mumbling to yourself in a distressed fashion. I wish I could help more though.
Apparently however, sharing a bed and indeed the room actually does help you. Something about your subconscious adjusting and knowing that you are not alone maybe? For myself, the adjustment in sharing was more accepting I no longer have anywhere that I can legitimately kick you out of if I want “me” time. Except for the bathroom which doesn’t count. Not that I spend a lot of time either in the bathroom or kicking you out of places (or even having the desire to do so) but on the odd occasions when we are totally pushing each other’s buttons, the only real escape is outside and that usually causes more problems than it solves anyway…
And then after I had noted several of the listed “concerns” there was the “important to know” section for this month under which was listed “corporate day care”. Which I must say that I am largely in favour of in your case. Especially because when you scoot off to your global organisation each day, I know that they will occupy you for a large number of hours during which you cannot call me just to “chat” because you’re bored. Not that you chat really, as there seems to be more dramatic pauses than conversation over the course of our phone calls but I dislike personal calls without any real purpose whilst at work (in an open plan office) so keeping you occupied so that you don’t make them is a big plus in my book. It also saves money because your mobile bills are smaller and hey, they pay you for turning up as well. Awesome.
Perhaps selfishly yours,
Your Loving Wife.

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