Month Eight

Dear Husband,
Well you certainly like to make life interesting, don’t you? Its not enough that you’ve largely had my constant company this month as we both spent another couple of weeks out of work but you also had to top it all off by ending up in hospital where it seems we got to spend our quality time with a number of different doctors and nurses as well. You managed to do it in style too by first becomming afflicted with something that occurs in a whopping 1% of men. It was very original. You also managed to become one of the talking points at the nurses station although I am absolutely positive that given the option, that would never have been your preference. Spend hours in hospital we did though this last month as well as deal with all the ups and down of job hunting which were not actually that insignificant either.
Whereas last month was one perhaps epitomised by patience, understanding, optimism and encouragement, this one was not. This month was a lot harder. Tempers were shorter, opportunities seemed fewer and other dynamics eventually came into play. Something I didn’t fully appreciate would happen until I was offered a job that I really wanted. I was originally quite upset as I thought I had inadvertantly ruined my chances of being a contender for the position I wanted but that overwhelming emotion was later completely displaced when they did in fact offer me the job. Whilst this was a really positive thing for me however, it didn’t represent the same for you at all. Its not that you begrudged me my happiness or belittled my success in any way (I know you did neither!) but overnight I became the first one to get a job, the sole provider in a financial sense for us as a family, actually employed of course and the one who had something to get up and “do” each day. That wasn’t easy for you. Although you’re kind of still in a lot of pain at the moment shich is probably taking most of your attention…
But this last month hasn’t been mostly doom and gloom however despite the previously reigning state of affairs. We actually went away a couple of times this month and it was good to get a change of scene. One of them perhaps doesn’t really count though because it was only down to Canberra for Skyfire fireworks. You also spent part of the weekend pissed at me over something or other as well but getting away to the wineries near Beechworth was a welcome break. We decided to stuff the expense and we spent the weekend gorging ourselves on great food, soaking up the awesome company of my parents and their friends who have all been there and done that and whilst you partook of offerings at each of the wineries and the brewery we visited, I wandered around taking heaps of photos which suited me just fine. In hindsight, I do wish we had more photos of us away together but I guess that will have to wait till next time.
Other than that, things are pretty much same old, same old. I do the folding, we watch tv together, you still occasionally have the memory of a goldfish…You do actually remember a lot of the important things, like my name and my birthday but I have noticed recently that in regards to the act of taking clothes out of the washing machine once it has finished so they don’t get all smelly and I need to wash them a second time when you are asked? Not a chance. You also seem to have a penchant for forgetting exactly when you hire DVDs, or perhaps that was when you should be taking them back. You seem to have a talent for leaving fines in your wake wherever you go. At least now the membership is in your name so I am not the one they harass when they want their merchandise back.
And finally, one small episode that I wanted to note for posterity purely because I found it highly amusing at the time was the Scent Application Mis-Coordination Occasion. And don’t ask me why I bothered to name it because I really don’t know. Anyway, for the past year or so as you know, I have been wearing the Dior fragrance, Escale a Pondichery. For some uncanny reason, I have still yet to master the particular bottle as I seem to have the habit of frequently missing the majority of my neck no matter how diligently I attempt to line up the nozzle before I spray. I was cursing in your general presence earlier this month over yet another “miss” when you made me explain myself after which you proceeded to laugh at me. The next day, you oh so reasonably told me that you had just “missed” yourself with your cologne for the first time, almost as though it was my original telling that had somehow jinxed you. The following day however, you felt it was only fair to share with me that since you were not about to let the same thing happen to you again, no siree, you had just lined up the bottle so to spitz your neck and had thought “great” when you were spot on the target. You blithely went on to spritz your wrists as well though and completely missed the mark landing the Antaeus dead on your palm. Not the pulse point for which you were hoping. And I must say that my first thought was Karma’s a bitch babe!
Amusedly Yours,
Your Loving Wife